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Good day Checkers Cleaning Supply team,

I would like to send you all a quick shout out for your amazing service. Your shipments are always accurate and everyone, I mean everyone, in your establishment understand the value of great customer service. What ever is in the water that you are drinking, keep drinking it!

Also, the hand written "Thank You" letter that was sent to us in our last order, was a touch of class. You guys (and by guys, I mean guys and gals) are all amazing!

Mr. R, Manager - Car Dealership

You're consistent and you are always here when we need you! Also, Checkers is always ready to look our for us - if there is a sale or some sort of promotion, you will always suggest that we maybe add on a few items while it's on sale to save us some money.

K, Car Dealership

"Very quick and efficient and easy to deal with, I really like how you are very customer service oriented. Service is GREAT! We have only just started to do business with you but i want to continue to do so as you are so much easier to deal with than some of our other vendors."

D, Hotel

"I found your customer service to be excellent and when I need you to source items for me that I need, it is always quick and efficient. Any problems I have are resolved very quickly. There is lots of communication - and I like that - People are always checking is to see how things are going and if we need anything." 

M, Institution      

"I started with the Father of the the company 20 years ago - he was the first salesmen that came here. Service is very good, you get product to us in a timely fashion, get stuff when we need - you know, ship out a few things if we get in a pinch. I miss the calendars - :) but of course due to costs, you probably don't do those anymore. Really happy with the service and I would recommend anyone to you."    

L, Special Institution

 "I have never had a single problem with you people. I have been with you for 15 or 16 years."

R, Community Church

You're communication is very good.  The most impressive thing I think you guys have is the FastDraw system. I've installed these chemical management systems in all of my clients facilities, and they are phenomenal - I haven't seen any other system like it, they're tamper proof and consistent as ever; not matter if you are filling a spray bottle or a 20L pail, I know I am getting the same dilution.

A, Building Service Contractor

"Well I've never had any issues with you guys - you are very thorough and good with updates on when product is coming, backorders, etc - I can't complain!"

J, Commercial Carwash

"The product is always on time, you have great customer service, you carry everything I need. I've been with Checkers for 10 years and I am very satisifed."

M, Cleaning Contractor 

"I keep speaking with "Esther" and she is very pleasant and is always helpful"

M, Heathcare practitioner 

"Never had a problem, That's the main thing!"

Construction Contractor 

"You guys look after us. whenever there is a mistake you always rectify it right away. You are on time with orders and backorders"

Retail Outlet 

"Always next day delivery, pricing was in line with other suppliers. We have been dealing with you for years. Great service and pricing"

D, Construction Equipment 

"I've never had any problems at all!  I order product and it always shows up within a day or so - you guys are top notch!"

D, Retail Store 

"I really like your service; Carl and Shawn, they have really great service and are very effective and efficient - very good relationship with Checkers.  I can call up on a Friday afternoon, because often I am rushed and don't have part numbers, etc, and Carl will place the order for me and it gets here quickly!"

F, Long-Term Care Facility 

"You guys are usually right the next day, and when I call whether I have codes or not, you guys find the right products for me, your one delivery guy -  James is awesome, just awesome!"

D, Construction Contractor 

"Every order that we get comes in good time, and everything we need is there." 

 T, Manufacturing Plant 

"Awesome delivery. We seldom, if ever, get any back orders." 

B, Retail Store 

"Just because we have always had great service." 

N, Manufacturing Facility 

"I know the company a long time, everything is okay. I am very happy with service" 

F, Auto Repair Mechanic

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