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Call us Today 1-800-265-5756

Back to Work Plan: COVID Recommendations

At Checkers, it is our goal to be Your Clean Resource. That includes helping however we can in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

Our team of sanitation experts are ready and waiting to assist you in developing a back to work (or school) plan that is suited for your facility and your needs. We take into account both federal and local guidelines, and develop what we see as best practices to ensure everyone who visits or works within the facilities you oversee remains safe and protected.

Start by answering the few questions below and we will be in touch to discuss further:

  • Briefly describe the place you are looking to develop a plan for in as few words as necessary.
  • Please outline any specific areas of concern you may have that we can be sure to directly address. If none, say so.
  • This is referring to cleaning supply storage locations. Do you have more than one place you need mop buckets stored?