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Eight Steps To A Superior Floor Finish

Cleaning and maintaining the floors of your organization is one of the largest tasks of a janitorial team. Not only is it important for the esthetic of the business, but also for the safety of staff, clients, patients, etc.

Follow our eight steps to achieve a superior floor finish:

  1. Remove the old floor finish using Betco Extreme Floor Stripper. This powerful solution works quickly to easily remove multiple coats of floor finish. Betco’s unique formula “unlocks” the chemical bonds of floor finishes, releasing them from the surface. This process drastically decreases the amount of scrubbing and reduces the time required to strip a floor.
  2. Thoroughly clean floors using Betco’s Ph7 Neutral cleaner. This detergent can be used on any water-safe, hard surface. This product is guaranteed never to dull, haze or leave a film – leaving floors glossy. This cleaner is extremely economical, as very little product is required to achieve excellent results! After cleaning, allow floors to completely dry before applying the wax.
  3. Using Betco’s Untouchable Floor Finish, pour a line (approximately 2” – 3” thick) of the floor finish. Space the lines as far apart as you feel comfortable reaching with the mop to avoid straining or unevenly spreading the floor finish. (be sure to allow this distance from the wall to the first line)
  4. Use a microfiber mop like this one to spread the floor finish in a zig zag pattern. Using a telescopic handle like this one will allow for longer mop strokes. This technique will ensure an even application for a superior finish.
  5. Six coats of floor finish are recommended for optimal results. After each coat, let the finish dry to the touch. After the third coat, allow the floor to cure for 72 hours before applying the remaining coats. This cure time allows water to evaporate and gives a high shine and hard, long-lasting finish.
  6. During the cure time, floors can be walked on but will appear soft and may scuff easily. If this happens, simply clean with the Betco pH7 floor cleaner and a microfiber mop like this one and allow to dry.
  7. Buffing the floors at this stage increases the lasting shine and hardens the finish.
  8. Apply the final three coats of floor finish, using the same process – allowing the finish to dry between each coat.

Following these steps will help ensure your floor looks superior, is protected and has a lasting gleaming finish. If you have any questions about your unique floor needs, contact our team at Checkers. We are your clean resource!