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Halloween Cleaning Tips So Good They’re Scary!

Halloween is fun, but it sure is messy! Sometimes you stop and wonder, is it worth it? But of course, it is! However, that doesn’t mean cleaning up is any more fun because of it. From crushed candy to pumpkin remnants to ghoul slim your home or business is sure to be a danger zone of mess before, during, and after the spooky season. Read on for a few tips on how to handle the mess so it doesn’t give you nightmares!

1. How to Clean up Crushed or Sticky Candy

Half-eaten hard candy, crushed caramels, and other sugary treats tend to leave behind a sticky mess after the party’s over. Your first instinct might be to scrape and scrub the offending candy off as is but that might cause further damage. Instead of just going at it with a metal scrub, try soaking a rag in hot water and wringing it out carefully. Then apply it to the sticky candy mess as if it was a compress. Repeat until the heat and humidity loosen up the candy and wipe the residue away. If some of the colours from the candy have stained the surface, try spraying rubbing alcohol on the area and then wiping away with the same warm cloth.

2. Tips for Cleaning up Pumpkin Residue

It’s true. October and pumpkins go hand in hand like making jack-o-lanterns and messes. Everyone from kids to adults alike love to carve pumpkins, which means you’ll often face plenty of pumpkin innards spilling all over the table and onto the floor. Luckily, nothing about this seasonal staple is too hard to clean up and if you remember to lay down some garbage bags or some newspaper before you start carving you can avoid having to do as much clean up afterward. We recommend newspaper because you can recycle or compostable it afterwards, but depending on how messy things get or the table you’re using you might want to use garbage bags instead.

3. How to Deal with Fake Blood if You’re Not a Vampire

Along with makeup, this spooky Halloween staple is a nightmare to clean. Most fake blood products these days are made of corn syrup and red dye, two of the worst partners in crime when it comes to removing stains. If fake blood drips, sprays, or falls where it’s not supposed to, don’t panic! Remove the excess by gently dabbing with a rag or kitchen towel, then spray or dab rubbing alcohol on the affected area. If the damage is too extensive or the stain has dried already, then try using a stronger spot remover. If the fake blood is on the floor, a spray degreaser or cleaner should prove strong enough to remove it.

4. Tips for Cleaning Up Make Up and Greasepaint

Makeup is one of the best parts of creating a great Halloween costume! But it’s also the culprit of some of the worst stains you’ll ever had to deal with. Costume make up sticks to carpet, walls, furniture, clothes — you name it! Once it gets caked on, the real horror begins. But never fear! We’ve got tips to help you out. Costume makeup is usually made with oil, so you will definitely need a powerful spot-remover, one that is specifically made for oil-based stains. Pour a little on the spot and let it sit for about 5 minutes before dabbing it with a carpet brush and blotting it out with a kitchen towel or rag. If the stain is on a wall, spray some degreaser on it, and let it sit for a couple of minutes before wiping it down.