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New Tandem Dispensers Improve Hygiene While Remaining a Cost Effective Option

We are excited to announce that Cascades has a new line of tandem dispensers that work together to provide better hygiene and a unified look.

When choosing between a hand dryer or a towel dispenser, there are many reasons to choose the towel dispenser. As we highlighted in our previous post Hand Dryers: Effective or Just Hot Air, towels work more effectively to properly dry hands. Bacteria remains on hands that are not dried properly and is more easily transferred from wet hands than dry hands. In addition, hot air dryers take four times as long to get hands dry. So, there is the matter of efficiency as well.

The Cascades Tandem line is designed to improve hygiene while lowering the costs. The no-touch delivery system limits the amount of paper released while eliminating the risk of transferring bacteria from wet hands.

The company has worked hard to provide a reliable product that is 99.9% jam-free. Imagine the savings through the reduction of wasted product as a result of jams. Not only does it save on wasted product but also paper consumption. The jam-free dispensers also leverage your labour costs as less time is devoted to maintenance.

The new line features a “quick check” design, which allows customers and custodians to easily see when a refill is needed without having to open the unit. The convenient flip device allows staff to quickly move the backup roll into position when needed and load a second roll to the top. The colour-coded refill system is easy to navigate which further extends staff productivity.

The sleek modern design is functional and efficient while blending in with any new restroom facility. If you’re interested in this new line of dispensers for your building, contact our Checkers team to find out more information.

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