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Smells Like Trouble. Time to Clean!

Stepping into a smelly washroom is an immediate turn off. The assumption is that the facility is not clean – which is true. Smells come from bacteria that lurk in the far reaches of the bathroom. While scrubbing and mopping make it look clean, this typically spreads the germs around and makes it worse.

Unfortunately, a stinky washroom can cast a negative pall on the entire establishment. This can turn customers off regardless of what you’re selling.

Fear not. Checkers is here to help. We will review what causes bathroom odors and how to eliminate them from your facility. It’s important to first understand the source of the odors and address them head on with proper tools and products.

The most common source of bathroom odor is urine. While it is not the urine itself that causes the smell, it is an excellent food source for odor-causing bacteria. Small spills on the floor and tiny droplets that are released into the air each time a toilet is flushed can become problematic.

Through a chemical process, this urine transforms from acid to alkaline salt. Cleaners will need to use an acid neutralizer like this Betco pHerfect Floor Cleaner to break down the alkaline salts and appropriately remove the urine.

Floor drains are notorious for emitting foul smelling odors. These drains are often found in commercial restrooms and are designed to retain water at all times. However, if the water in the drain trap evaporates, sewer gas can escape. Using our Betco Drain Maintainer will help. This product contains cultured bacteria capable of digesting complex proteins, starches and other organic waste.

Pay close attention to grout – on floors and on walls – it is an ideal place for bacteria, mold and mildew to grow. Grout is porous and difficult to clean and though mopping may appear to clean the floor, it can actually cause more problems as it spreads the bacteria around.

Betco’s Clean Tile & Grout is designed to be used with a variety of application procedures. It has a special blend of organic and phosphoric “nonfuming” acids to effectively clean tiled areas. The foaming formulation provides superior “cling action” on vertical surfaces for better contact time and penetration.

After dealing with the source of the odor, you may want to include some type of deodorizer in the restroom to keep it smelling fresh. An Eco Fresh Toilet Bowl Clip is unseen and secure, locked on the toilet bowl.

V-Air Zero brings freshness to a variety of locations and is recommended in environments where persistent malodors occur such as busy restrooms.

When it comes to restrooms, we’ve got you covered. Speak with one of our specialists to help you decide what solutions would work best for your situation. Checkers is your clean resource.