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Call us Today 1-800-265-5756

Deep Clean Kits – Sanitize your workplace

We set out with the goal to provide an innovative way to make make lives easier for those who are responsible for creating a safe place to come as we re-open for business from the COVID19 closure. We have put together a kit that includes all the necessary tools and supplies to give your facility a “deep clean”.   Be work ready!  Give confidence to your team that you have taken the necessary steps to make your work space, a safe place.

Fill out the form below to help us determine which kit is best for you:


  • Briefly describe the place you are looking to develop a plan for in as few words as necessary.
  • Please outline any specific areas of concern you may have that we can be sure to directly address. If none, say so.
  • This is referring to cleaning supply storage locations. Do you have more than one place you need mop buckets stored?