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41200 WYPALL X70 1/4 FOLD WHITE WIPER TOWELS – 76/pkg, 12pkg/case

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Wypall X70 are heavy duty cloths, with high-tech HydroKnit fast-absorbing material.

These wipers have what it takes to tackle those heavy-duty industrial jobs usually handled by cloth rags. Count on Wypall X70 wipers for lon-lasting performance for extended usage and waste reduction. Absorbs more oil and water than cloth rags. Cleans oil, grime, and solvents with one wipe. A versatile, economical alternative to scrap rags and shop towels.

Maximize performance while minimizing time, effort and product waste. WypAll® Power Clean X70 Medium Duty Cloths premium industrial cloths are made of soft pulp fibers, bonded to a polypropylene base sheet for absorbency and tear resistance, making them suitable for removing dirt, oil, grime and solvents in a variety of industrial and manufacturing industries. Plus, they come conveniently and compactly packaged in a quarterfold format (an alternative to a box of rags) and are so sturdy that they can often be used more than once (once you’ve used them a few times, they’re disposable). They are designed to clean surfaces and tools, making them a must-have for the HVAC, automotive, manufacturing and industrial industries.

Cloth size 12.5″ x 12″ (unfolded).
One pop-up box replaced 10 lbs. of rags.
The wicking power of HydroKnit picks up water almost instantly.
76 sheets per package – 12 packages/case.

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