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YP118 15″ x 18″ HAZMAT ABSORBENT PAD – Yellow, 100/bag

PRODUCT # F5982 | Out of Stock
Expected delivery date: Jun 19, 2023



Yellow Hazmat Sorbent Pads are made from meltblown polypropylene allowing them to soak up aggressive chemical spills and leaks, such as battery acid, and other toxic chemicals
– Economical way to clean up hazardous chemicals and flammable or unidentifiable liquids
– Hazmat sorbent pad is made using a process called Meltblown which utilizes polypropylene as a raw material
– Hazmat sorbent pads are yellow in color to denote the hazardous liquids they can absorb and helps make sure the used pads are disposed of properly
– Pads are perforated down the middle of the length of the pad

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