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AV – OUST SOLVENT DEGREASER – 3.78 L (4/case) **DG**

PRODUCT # V177-12 | In Stock



Solvent Degreaser.

Oust is a quick-acting solvent-based cleaner/degreaser that dissolves and emulsifies road tar, rust proofing, and adhesives, for quick and easy removal from exterior finishes. It contains no chlorinated solvents which make it safer to work with. Oust rinses with water, for quick removal. Oust contains no harmful chlorinated solvents and has a low odour making it pleasant to work with.

Dissolves and emulsifies road tar, crude oils, rust proofing, and adhesives.
Removes unwanted substances from vehicle exterior surfaces.
Safer choice as it is chlorinated solvent free.
Rinses away with water.
Ready to use formula, do not dilute.

Ready to Use.
Body Shop Safe.
Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Friendly.
Solvent Based.
Silicone Free.
Clear teal coloured liquid with a Petroleum distillate odour.
3.78 L Jug.

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