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Right-sized for cleaning tight, congested area.
When you manage a small, congested facility you are faced with the challenge of manually cleaning around furniture and other tight areas. This automatic scrubber is the solution you have been hoping for. Get professional results every time with this compact scrubber. It fits anywhere you need to clean—in and around furniture, in narrow hallways and more.
Battery powered and thus free from cords and the tripping hazards associated with them, this ultra compact scrubber drier gives an impressive performance on small areas of up to 300 m². Whether on natural or artificial stone, epoxy resin, linoleum or PVC: significantly faster and more thorough than cleaning by hand, the machine also suctions in reverse if needed and, thanks to the rotary squeegees, in all other maneuvers as well. The well-designed and extremely simple operating concept with colour-coded control elements can also be seen in the quick and easy replacement of the powerful and quickly rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Incidentally, the machine’s light weight of only about 20 kilograms facilitates its use on different floors, even when there is no lift.


– 100% water pickup in the corners, leaving your floors safe and dry.
– Eco! efficiency mode for quiet daytime operation.
– Designed for backwards scrubbing.
– Extremely compact, lightweight, agile and maneuverable.
– Powerful lithium-ion battery.


Cleaning path/width: 11″
Brush type: disc
Brush diameter: 11″
Suction bar (squeegee) width: 12″
Drive: pad-assist
Solution/recovery capacity: 0.8/1 gal. – 3/3.78 L
Practical productivity: 3,600 sq. ft/hr.
Operating noise level-std / Eco! mode: 69/66 dBA
Battery charger: shelf
Battery run time: 60 min.
Battery charging time: 120 min.
Brush contact pressure: 22 lbs.
Brush speed: 190 rpm
Vac motor suction: 10.4 cfm
Water lift: 9 in. of water
Weight with batteries: 44 lbs.
Dimensions (inches): 22 L x 15 W x 41 H

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