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This fast-acting, floor finish liquefier will solve stripping difficulties caused by frequent high speed burnishing, super hard urethane fortified finishes, or excessive build-up. Utilizing “evaporating liquefier” technology, this product is designed to remove layers of floor finish in less time, with less effort, and no rinsing. Based on solvency to dissolve old wax and finish, rather than harsh alkalis, this stripper will not leave an alkaline residue requiring multiple rinsing. Floors are ready to recoat without neutralizing when used as directed. In many applications, the entire stripping process can be completed without the use of a floor machine and pad.

Use to remove waxes:
Use to remove sealers:
-Water-based urethane
Use to remove finishes:
-Metal crosslinked
NOTE: This aggressive stripper is a powerful product designed specifically for floor finish removal on resilient tile floors (vinyl and vinyl abestos). It should not be used on wood floors or painted surfaces. Not recommended on linolium or rubber tile floors since bleaching and softening may occur.

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