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PRODUCT # F4316 | Out of Stock
Expected delivery date: Feb 15, 2023



Aerosol Non-silicone formula. Designed to eliminate oily residue, this water- based dust mop treatment is compatible with all floor finishes and gym floor seals. The first line of defense in any maintenance program, good dust mopping procedures will greatly reduce wear and prolong floor appearance by removing dry soils. This unique formula attracts dust and dirt like a magnet and will not cause streaking or leave a film. No more waiting overnight for treated cloths and mops to dry. Treated cloths and mops may be used within 15 minutes of treatment. Perfect for entrance mats and furnace filters to reduce tracking and airborne soils. It contains no wax or silicone, does not make the treated surface slippery and will not damage floor surfaces when used as directed.

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