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Environment Preferable multi-purpose cleaner. Green Seal Certified.

Concentrated Neutral pH All Purpose Cleaner. For daily use on floors, showers, glass and other hard surfaces. This one product can clean your entire facility. Removes mold stains and soap scum on tile, grout, bathtub surfaces and fixtures.

This product can be used throughout the facility. Its many uses include tile and grout, floors and carpets. It can even be used on glass. It removes mold stains and soap scum. The ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide allows it to clean without the fumes associated with aggressive acids. Green Earth Peroxide Cleaner whitens grout as effectively as cleaners that contain bleach, but is less aggressive on clothing and has a longer shelf life than traditional bleach cleaners. Can be applied with a mop or used through an automatic grout scrubbing machine. Completely removes stubborn carpet stains and deodorizes with a pleasant scent.

EPA Certified Safer Choice
Will not damage clothing like traditional bleach cleaners.
Removes mineral deposits and soap scum from a variety of bathroom surfaces.

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