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Using this cleaner/restorer as a regular part of propane and other high speed floor maintenance programs will reduce labor and extend the life cycle of the floor. A one-step product, this formulation effectively cleans the floor while restoring the top layer of finish. This product can be mopped on or used through an automatic scrubber, than high-speed burnished restoring a beautiful shine.

Directions For Use:
Read the entire label before using this product.
1. Sweep large debris and dust mop (using water-based dust mop treatment).
2. For mop-on application, dilute 1 oz./gal. or 8 mL/L (1:128) with water. For use in an automatic scrubber, dilute 2 oz./gal. or 16 mL/L (1:64) with water.
3. Damp mop or autoscrub to clean and condition the floor, and allow to dry thoroughly.
4. High-speed buff or burnish as desired using the appropriate

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