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BETCO SMARTSCREEN URINAL SCREENS – Ocean Breeze, 12/box (6 box/case)

PRODUCT # H1910 | In Stock



Fragrance infused sanitary mat combined with a bio-active enzymatic block.

To complement the SmartValve, Betco’s technical team developed the SmartScreen to counteract the odor and scale build up from urine and hard water. The patent pending SmartScreen is infused with Neutrabond technology to ensure the restroom smells clean throughout the day. Neutrabond Technology is a specially developed combination of malodor counteractants and fragrances that gradually release to chemically bond to microscopic malodor compounds, such as sulfur and ammonia, rendering them odorless and non-toxic. The non-Para block is further enhanced with biodegradable chelating agents and four (4) proprietary non-pathogenic strains of bacteria that quickly break down organic matter and attack odor causing bacteria at the source. This action keeps restrooms smelling clean and prevents the build-up of scale in urinals and pipes. The SmartScreen gives you the confidence to convert flushing urinals to water free urinals.

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