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BIO-SORB 2000 SPILL ABSORBENT – 450g (12/case)

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This granular fluid control product absorbs all water based liquid spills. Specially formulated for safe handling of potentially infectious blood and body fluids. The Chlorine content allows it to work also as a sanitizer and a deodorizer.

For use in: Schools, hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, police and fire departments, correctional institutions, sports facilities, funeral homes, day care, nursery schools, camps, airplanes, school buses, automobiles, buses, ambulances, home care, chronic care, veterinary, nursing homes, hospitals. Put on disposable plastic or rubber gloves. Sprinkle BIOSORB 2000 over spilled fluid until completely covered. When the liquid solidifies, scoop up with a dustpan or spatula. Dispose of in accordance with Federal, Provincial or local regulations.

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