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Economical and easy extraction.
Clean out the dirt from your carpets, not the money out of your wallet with this economical box and wand extractor. Health of your patrons and employees is important, so we Included an integrated HEPA-level filter standard. The box and wand design allows for maximum portability so you can address messes and spills as soon as they happen. This innovative spray extraction cleaner is especially suitable for cleaning large carpet areas. The machine design focuses on ergonomic, stress-free and time-saving cleaning. The EASY Operation concept and the ergonomic upright stance make handling much easier. The learning curve is short thanks to easily understandable pictograms. The dirty water tank is removable, and the handle and shape of the tank are designed for ergonomic carrying. The tank is easy to clean, which also makes it suitable for filling the fresh water tank. The short setup period saves time and money. The drying time with this machine is up to 30% shorter than with competitive products. This is partially due to the flexible suction lip, which always assures an optimal suction angle. The Puzzi 30/4 is easy to carry, even when lying flat with a full fresh water tank, and its large castor wheels make it easy to transport over stairs.


– Only emits 66dBA, is the quietest vacuum cleaner in its class and ideal for low-noise cleaning.
– It features a patented flexi-wand that adjusts the extraction nozzle to lay flat on the floor for maximum suction and operator comfort.
– On-board storage of accessories with Home Base system.
– Easy to fill and empty the solution tanks.


Cleaning path/width: 14″
Solution/recovery capacity: 8/4 gal or 30.2/15.1 L
Operating noise level: 65 dBA
Water lift: 102″
Air flow rate: 157 cfm
Pump pressure: 58 psi
Power cord length: 50 ft.
Weight: 58 lbs.
Dimensions (inches): 23 L x 18 W x 37 H

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