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Certainty No Rinse Surface Sanitizing Wipes are designed to sanitize all hard, non-porous surfaces, including food contact surfaces, quickly and effectively. Help prevent cross contamination that can lead to foodborne illness and maintain food safety compliance. No rinsing, gloves or PPE are needed and no harsh chemicals or residues are left behind. Our ready-to-use sanitizing wipes offer a simplified, one-step process that saves valuable time, requires no training, and improves productivity. Simply wipe the surface and let it air dry. Ideal for use in food service operations, food processing areas, cafeterias, kitchens, restaurants, schools, childcare centres and more.

– Safe for food contact surfaces.
– Kills 99.9% of common germs in 60 seconds.
– Fragrance-free and alcohol-free.
– No rinsing or hand washing required.
– No PPE needed.
– Extra large wipes for greater surface coverage (17 cm x 23 cm / 6.67″ x 9″).
– Premium fabric quickly removes dirt and soil.
– Streak-free formula.

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