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Stock Check Program

Checkers was founded on the promise of exceptional products and service for our customers. Over 30 years later, that promise remains our highest priority and is still the foundation of our long-term relationships. Because Checkers guarantees products you can trust and a partner you can count on, we’ve created our Stock Check Program to ensure your needs are always met.

Our Stock Check Program will ensure your inventory is maintained to eliminate disruption. Here’s how it works:

Stock Check Program Trends

Determine Order Trends & Patterns

Your Checkers Customer Representative will help you determine accurate stock levels based on your past order history. Our team will then track trends and create a sustainable plan.

 Stock Check Program quanitites

Min/Max Quantities

Once your order trend requirements have been identified, we will establish minimum and maximum quantities that suit your company’s needs.

 Stock Check Program Schedule

Scheduling Stock Checks

Checkers will schedule stock checks, tailored to your specific needs. We will account for your ordering trends and usage patterns to determine how often the Stock Check Representative will call on your location. After taking a physical inventory of your supplies and based on the pre-determined min/max levels, we will make informed decisions and/or recommendations.

 Stock Check Program POs

Purchase Orders & Consents

Checkers will work with your company to streamline the process for your tracking and accounting. Our Stock Check Rep will provide purchase orders and collect signatures as required.

 Stock Check Program Order

Placing The Order

When all the necessary steps have been completed, our Stock Check Rep will submit the order. You will receive a confirmation email outlining order contents, line item totals and the complete order – before and after tax totals. This email will also state the delivery date and ETA.

 Stock Check Program Delivery


Checkers is committed to excellence from beginning to end. Your delivery will arrive on time, accurate and handled with care. It’s the Checkers way.