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workplace disinfection fogging misting

Viruses and bacteria can easily be transmitted in your workplace.  Are you looking to have your office disinfected?  Checkers is proud to now offer a “TOTAL WORKPLACE DISINFECTION” program.

Helping you create a safe place for you and your staff to come back to work.  Giving you peace of mind.  Keep reading below to learn more about our new office disinfection service.

How our program works?

high touch point disinfecting

Our team of technicians come in and wipe down all high-touch point surfaces such as door handles, light switches, phones, railings, shared equipment (photocopiers, radio, intercom) and your restrooms.  We then apply high-grade disinfectants as a mist or foam through electrostatic sprayers to all floors, walls, desks, counters, ceilings and other hard to reach surfaces.  We then This will help reduce the amount of bacteria in your facility making it a safer place for your staff to come back to work.

Where can we use it?

We can offer this service and apply our treatment to all environments where germs are present and likely to pose a threat.

  • office buildings
  • factories
  • vehicles/trucks
  • nursing homes
  • hospitals
  • hotels.
  • retail stores

This program is not meant to replace your current cleaning service but rather enhance and compliment it.

Register your interest for having your office disinfected and one of our people will be in touch with an estimate: