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Fight Back(teria)!

In addition to regular facility maintenance and cleaning, special care needs to be given to frequently touched items – particularly during cold and flu season. Often, it feels like offices and workspaces are incubators for germs because of the confined space and shared equipment. And that can be true!

We would like to share our tips on keeping a clean facility to prevent illnesses.

Most people, when faced with sneezing and coughing, will use their hands to mitigate the spread of germs. This seems like a logical preventative measure until you consider how many items you touch in the office during the day! All of the germs that were deflected from being airborne are now at your fingertips ready to latch on to whatever you touch next – a door handle, a computer mouse, or the photocopier. In fact, it’s estimated that an office keyboard has more germs than the office toilet!

It is not enough to simply clean the office. To really be effective in preventing the spread of germs, you must disinfect. It is easy to confuse the two as many times the terms are used interchangeably. If you’re interested in learning more about cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and degreasing, check out our previous article on The Definition of Clean.

Protect Yourself

Keeping some antimicrobial hand cleansing towelettes, like these, will help protect you and your team against bacteria, viruses, fungi and cross-contamination. Make these available to your staff – either at communal stations or at individual desks. They can be used frequently and as the individual feels required to help give protection above and beyond the daily office cleaning.

Be Proactive

Consider the areas and equipment that are used the most and keep them wiped down with a scheduled routine – as part of the daily cleaning plan should suffice.

These pre-moistened germicidal wipes will disinfect any non-porous hard surface. It’s an excellent way to prevent cross contamination in a busy office environment. These wipes are perfect for items like computer keyboards, door handles and telephones.

Be sure to pay close attention to the directions when using disinfecting wipes. You may need to use more than one wipe to keep the surface wet for the specified length of contact time. Be sure that the electronics can withstand the use of liquids for cleaning and disinfecting.

Fight Back!

Hospitals, nursing homes, schools and hotels are of particular concern when it comes to the spread of harmful bacteria. Betco’s Fight Bac disinfectant spray is excellent for cutting grease and heavy soil and has a quick drying time. When used in your standard cleaning routine, it can help prevent the spread of H1N1 as well as other dangerous germs. This disinfectant spray kills most germs and controls mold, mildew and odours. It is ideal for health care facilities and happens to be on sale for the month of December.

It’s worth noting, a hospital-grade disinfectant is not needed in most office settings as it will expose workers and cleaning staff to unnecessary pesticides. You should choose products that are appropriate to your situation and needs.

If you require assistance with choosing the right products, our Checkers team would be happy to help. Contact us today for more information. Checkers is your clean resource!