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Safety data sheets

Safety Data Sheets – Knowledge is Power!

You may have noticed the somewhat-daunting Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available for our hazardous products. Health Canada amended the Hazardous Products Act and created the Hazardous Products Regulations in 2015. These changes were made to help employers and workers to protect themselves from hazards and for safe handling and use.

Manufacturers are required to provide this information so that you and your team may stay safe. However, we realize the new format may have caused some confusion and perhaps even some concern.

It is worth noting that a wide array of professions; occupational hygienists, safety professionals, employers, supervisors, nurses, doctors, and emergency responders use the SDS. To unsure these users can quickly find the information they need, it is broken down into specific sections. This set format makes it easy to find the pertinent info on every SDS.

There is considerably more information included on the SDS when compared to the previous Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). At first glance, it may seem that the very same product is more dangerous considering how much information is provided. We assure you, the products are the same, but you are armed with more information! Knowledge is power, so being informed means being safe.

The SDS provides more detailed information about the product including a clear statement of potential hazards, how to use the product safely, what to expect if the recommendations are not followed, how to recognize symptoms of exposure and first aid treatment.

The new format also includes environmentally focused information like disposal considerations, transport, ecological and regulatory information. This will allow your team to use appropriate precautions when handling chemicals and solvents.

Despite where the products are made or who manufactured them, you can count on the new format of the SDS being consistent. This consistency allows people to familiarize themselves with the layout and quickly assess the information they need. This is essential in an emergency – saving time and minimizing injury.

Hazards are now communicated with standardized pictograms, signal words, hazard statements and precautionary statements. It’s vital that your team is properly trained in the new format and how to locate the information needed to work with a product safely. They should know the meaning of all signal words and hazard statements.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the SDS, contact our team at Checkers. We are here to help with all of your cleaning needs.