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When it Come to Floor Cleaners, Do Scrubbers Mop the Floor or Kick the Bucket?

When it comes to your cleaning budget, you must make the best choices for your company’s situation. Labour is typically the biggest item on the list, so if there is an opportunity to be more efficient, it will impact your bottom line. When you invest in appropriate equipment, you increase the capacity of your staff, therefore affecting your bottom line.

Consider the mop and bucket. It is the standard tool of the trade in many buildings and has been for years. But when you consider the advances in technology, is it time to invest in a new method? After all, we no longer use manual typewriters or depend on fax machines to transport information.

The automatic floor scrubber has revolutionized the cleaning industry and is continuing to make further advances. When you use a mop to clean the floor, your mop and rinse water gets dirty. So, the more you mop the floor, the dirtier your mop and rinse water gets. That means your floor is not getting cleaner, but dirtier! Over time, this builds up with a residue of dirt and chemicals that have been left behind.

It is estimated that using a mop and bucket removes about 30% of dirt from the floor. The average automatic scrubber will remove 90% – 95%. That’s a huge difference in the cleanliness of your facility.

In addition to actually doing the job better, the automatic scrubber boasts a few other highlights that are sure to impress.


Time saved equals money saved. So, saving time on your cleaning routines will save you money in the long run. Using a scrubbing machine can do the job up to four times faster than a mop and bucket. When you look at saving 30 minutes on a job, it might not seem like much. But when you multiply that by five days/week, 52 weeks per year that adds up to 130 hours that can be devoted to other tasks.


The automatic scrubber uses a solution recovery system, which typically uses a squeegee and vacuum. This leaves your floors virtually dry, reducing the risk for slip and fall accidents.


When using the mop and bucket method, workers are bending and using downward pressure to complete the task. Swinging the mop, transporting buckets and filling/emptying buckets add to the physical demand of the manual method. Not only does this take longer, but also fatigues the maintenance staff and puts you at risk for accidents and injuries. Using a automatic scrubber is easy to maneuver and the built-in solution/recovery tanks are simpler to use.

If you feel a scrubber is ideal for your cleaning needs, contact Checkers to speak with someone about the best option. We offer a variety of styles and can help you select the one that is best suited to your facility.

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