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4 Apps to Help You Manage Your Cleaning

Need help keeping your home or office clean? Not sure where to start? These helpful apps will help you clean, manage, and organize your space like a pro! Keep your home or business clean and free of clutter with these easy-to-use applications or apps for short. Cleaning apps can be great for helping you organize housekeeping or cleaning tasks for the day, set up checklists for each room or area, or pass on chores or tasks to other household or staff members. There are a lot of them though and it can be difficult to decide which ones best suit your needs. Read on to get our recommendations.

1. Spotless: A Simply Clean Home

Spotless is a great app for people that feel overwhelmed by their endless cleaning list or don’t know where to start. The Spotless app aims to help you keep your space clean and clutter free. The app enables users to set up multiple home areas or rooms such as the kitchen, living room, or bathroom and create task lists for each one. You can then check off each task as you go along and create deadlines for when tasks need to be completed by. You can also see at a glance how much each task is in need of cleaning and get reminders at a time that suits you to stay on track.

2. Done: Habit Tracking Made Simple

Done markets itself as an app that helps you build good habits, quit bad ones, and improve yourself one colour at a time. This app is great for people who have gotten themselves into bad cleaning habits such as procrastination or only cleaning when they know that company is coming over. The app helps you create healthy routines by letting you set goals, track your progress, and motivate you to do better with points. Whether you want to get the house cleaned on the weekend, create a better cleaning schedule, or keep better track of your tasks this app has everything you need to start your journey off on the right foot.

3. Tody: Smarter Cleaning

Tody is an app that helps users easily manage their household or other cleaning tasks and seeks to motivate people by turning cleaning into a fun game. And who doesn’t love games? The app sends notifications to encourage you throughout the day and offers household members the chance to check in and claim credit for their actions. Through the app users can manage cleaning tasks by indicators of actual need rather than arbitrary dates and the app visualizes dirtiness and cleanliness of different areas. The app offers customizable cleaning plans which can be scaled to fit almost any need or number of people.

4. Our Home

This useful and adorably designed app can help you manage tasks, family events, track your shopping lists, and stay organised about just about everything. Whether you need to keep track of housework, homework, or office work the goal of the app is to ensure families and large groups can manage daily life without adding additional stresses. This app is great for adults as well as kids! You can show your kids the tasks in the app and get them to check them off once completed. The reward system is easy to customize to your family’s needs and features fun and colourful characters. This app is great for motivating the whole family!