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Gifts You Can Give Your Boss if They Love Cleaning & Organizing

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us and no matter what you celebrate chances are you’re probably going to have to get someone a gift this holiday season, even if it’s just for yourself. Here are a few things you can gift that great boss of yours if they love cleaning, organizing, or are looking for a little inspiration for the new year!

  1. Multi-Purpose Cleaning Caddy

Available in a variety of colours and sizes this is a great gift for the person that has it all. We all have to store our cleaning products somewhere and you’d probably be surprised to learn even the more well to do folks on your list are probably still using an old bucket to store their cleaning products. Help them keep the space under their sink or in their closet nice and tidy with an adorable, practical, and stylish cleaning caddy. So, when it’s time for the monthly deep clean they can just grab and go.

  1. Electronics Cleaning Brush

Something COVID has taught us is to be mindful of just how much dirt, grime, and germs can accumulate and linger on the most mundane surfaces. Electronics are a good example of this. We use our phones, laptops, keyboards, tablets, fitness trackers, and other electronic devices constantly, but we rarely ever think to clean them because they are so often in use. This holiday season gift your boss an electronic cleaning brush to loosen and remove dirt and build up from those hard to reach nooks and crannies in their devices!

  1. Pantry Containers with Personalized Labels

If your boss is always talking about wanting to reorganize their kitchen, craft room, or workspace this is the gift for them! Buy them a set of plastic, ceramic, or glass pantry containers with personalized labels that work on glass, plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, and wood so that they can stick them on whatever container or surface they need to and can label, sort, and organize as they choose! This also makes a great Secret Santa gift if you’re not sure what to get someone or if someone you work with has had to move things around to work from home and is low on space.

  1. Trinket Trays

Available in a variety of colours, materials, and sizes trinket trays are the perfect gift if your boss is someone who loves cleaning and organizing because they are so versatile! They do well on top of a desk, a fridge, or a craft table. You can fill them with paperclips, sticky notes, erasers, rubber bands, chip clips, treats, ribbons, bows, and so much more. If you know your boss’ style, favourite colour, or have seen some of their home décor over video chat you can pick a material or colour based on that or you can get them a selection of different colours or materials to make for a nice accent piece.

Bonus Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

  • Earbud Holder or Pouch
  • Nesting Tray
  • Label Maker