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Top Cleaning Products to Keep you Safe this Winter

Winter brings with it many wonderful things. Sledding, skiing, snowman building, and of course hot chocolate and hot apple cider! But it also brings with it lots of inclement weather, bad road conditions, and lots of slushy snow and ice. Here at Checkers Cleaning Supply we’ve got the products and tips to help keep you safe and protected during the winter months so that you can safely enjoy everything that winter has to offer! Read on for a list of our top cleaning products to keep you safe this winter and how to use them.

1. Snow Shovel

The first item on our list is an obvious, but important one. Many people underestimate the importance of having a good, durable snow shovel. It’s important that the snow shovel that you have is the right length for the height of the person or people who will be shoveling, that the handle and scoop are made of durable materials that won’t break or crack with use, and that the size of the scoop on the shovel meets your needs and environment. When it comes to snow shovels, we recommend shovels that have wooden handles and a scoop made from polymerized plastic for the best durability possible. Snow shovels come in a variety of sizes so it’s important to take the time to look at your options and pick the one that is right for you.

2. Winter Rinse Ice Melt Floor Cleaner

One of the challenges that winter brings is the ice build-up that often accumulates on sidewalks, city streets, doorsteps, front porches, and front entrances of buildings. To dissolve this icy build-up and keep our entrance ways clean of ice and prevent slips and falls most of us use a form of rock salt also known as sidewalk salt. While rock salt is great at providing a relatively quick solution to an icy walkway its use in turns creates another problem as a white film and stains often form when rock salt is put down, dissolves, and is used repeatedly in the same spot. To combat this, we recommend using Checkers Winter Rinse Ice Melt Floor Cleaner, which is a liquid detergent that is specially formulated to dissolve and remove the white film that comes from rock salt and ice melt chemicals on floors and carpets.

3. Maintenance Spreader

If you have a large area to cover with rock salt and/or ice melter we recommend that you invest in a maintenance spreader. Spreaders come in a couple of different sizes to suit your needs. An Impact Handy Spreader is perfect for spreading rock salt and ice melt products and can also be used in the spring and summer to spread lawn care products. This kind of spreader can cover an area 6” – 12” wide and comes with three convenient settings and is rust and corrosion proof. We also offer an Estate Spreader which features pneumatic tires and is best for spreading rock salt and ice melter in the most efficient way possible. With an easy flow-through hole pattern and fingertip easy cable control it comes with a heavy duty polyethylene hopper that can hold up to 80lbs/36 Kg of weight.

4. Other Products to Consider

Depending on how much rock salt and ice melter you use to de-ice your walkway or entrance you may need to invest in a lager or more durable scoop. We recommend a heavy duty plastic utility scoop for this purpose as it’s important to ensure that the scoop you’re using won’t corrode or break down over time. If you have a large amount of rock salt, ice melter, shovels, and other winter maintenance tools that you need to store we also recommend that you buy a utility bin. Large enough to hold 10 bags of ice melter or rock salt, the bins we offer are tough, durable, and made of weather resistance and corrosion free polyethylene.