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4 Signs That You Need Help With Cleaning

Requirements for a full clean up and providing a safe, and tidy space to employees can vary from one business model to another. For example, if you are an auto dealership, property management company or specialize in senior living; it is a necessity to clean floors and equipment periodically.

Meeting rooms, reception and workstations will quickly start to look dirty, unless you have a regular vacuuming schedule, wipe downs and seasonal deep office clean.

Clients, visitors, and employees all appreciate it if you keep your office clean and will most likely notice the general untidiness, making it important to recognise signs that you need a little help keeping things minty fresh.

1.      Visible Dirt

Some people keep their desks squeaky-clean at the office and it is hard to find visible dirt on workspaces unless someone has been on leave and has not had a chance to clean up or has left everything up to fate.

However, when you start seeing dirt in hard-to-reach places like the file and kitchen cabinets and see little specs lying on the floor it is probably time to reconsider how often the area is being cleaned.

2.      If something is going around

We have learnt our lesson with the Covid-19 pandemic and health professionals have worked tirelessly to create awareness about the risks of outbreaks in the workplaces.

Diseases such as flu can be contagious before the patient starts showing symptoms, viruses and allergens can be transmitted through door handles, copy machines, bathrooms, and other shared facilities.

Surfaces must be regularly cleaned and disinfected and if you notice multiple people calling in sick it is important to follow guidelines and increase frequency. Some people are allergic to dust and other particles, so it is important to keep things squeaky-clean for their benefit.

3.      Decreased productivity and morale

An untidy environment will not only affect the overall experience of working together but may frustrate people that like things tidy. According to the Harvard Business Review, the physical environment around us has a significant impact on the way we think, feel, make decisions, and interact with others.

Dirty office space will not only make employees uneasy, but they might feel the need to clean up taking away valuable time from tasks that make the best use of their talents. If you notice an over-all drop in productivity and increased stress levels; then it might be worth it to call in the cleaners.

4.      You are going green!

Awareness for sustainable living and waste reduction is growing every day and many cleaning supply manufacturers are making eco-friendly products available for environmentally conscious organizations. Certain chemicals and cleaning products can have an impact on animals and humans if not handled properly, not to mention the waste produced by discarded paper products.

Many companies are making a switch and mandating low waste or reused products such as fully recycled hand towels. If your business’ vision is to keep the office clean with sustainable products, then its time to connect with a cleaning supplies provider who can provide you with quality options.

Maintaining a squeaky-clean office building is not only a basic hygiene factor of high performing teams but it projects a bright image to any guests or business partners that visit the premises. Having the right help could assist you in winning the next big deal.