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Nine Weird Hobbies That Will Make You Better at Cleaning

Even at the most basic level, our bodies love organization, the circadian rhythms of the cells follow a strict schedule, and our bodies would fall into disarray without it.

When we see a clean house or workplace, we experience relaxing and pleasant feelings, this is due to the chemical Dopamine being released in our brains, which is also known as the “feel-good neurotransmitter”.

The same pleasure that we derive from seeing a clean house can also be achieved by doing similar tasks or exercises. Unlike the rest of us mortals, some people enjoy certain hobbies that often unknowingly, make them awesome at cleaning.

Here are some weird hobbies that help you be tidy and organized, whether you realize it or not.

1.    Looking at neatly organized stuff on Pinterest 

The tendency to keeping it clean on and off the internet has gone beyond just an inner preference, whether you are at work or home.

Today, there are blogs and websites such as Things organized neatly and Unclutter that went viral because they have endless pictures of things neatly stacked or styled in perfect positioning to give your brain that little hit of satisfaction.

This phenomenon has gotten so popular that a page focused on it has 6.42K followers on Pinterest.

2.   If you like to hang out and do nothing 

This one sounds a bit odd, but the truth is that your home is your Zen-zone and by keeping it clean you get to chill out a lot more.

If you like relaxing and doing nothing to the extent of a hobby, you are likely to seek out cleaning supplies that work well the first time, and often the atmosphere of your house and workplace drives your overall demeanour.

3.    Timing everything you do 

I have a friend who used to set 3 minute and 5-minute alarms for himself during a task, but he also liked timing himself when he was swimming, lifting weights, running, and even cleaning at work.

This hobby to Is sure to make you good at cleaning as it adds excitement to the otherwise boring tasks that our chores involve.

4.    If you are into aromatherapy 

Do you like the smell of freshly clean surfaces and rooms? Many cleaning supplies produced today utilize natural ingredients that are also used in aromatherapy.

If you like to use the sense of smell when relaxing and rebooting, you are likely to make an association between great smelling cleaning supplies and a sense of relief and reward.

5.   If you like shopping for dividers and organizers 

It is difficult to keep things tidy in a large drawer or under the sink without compartmentalization but add a little division and Voilà! Your home or office drawer will make all your friends jealous.

If you like to categorize and make the best use of limited space, you are probably a champion that is known to be neat and tidy.

6.   Practising minimalism 

You have probably already heard of minimalism and while it is more like a lifestyle and not a hobby, people who prefer having a lesser volume of things have an easier time keeping it clean.

Sometimes the best cleaning advice is to donate or throw away things you have not used for more than a year.

7.   If working out is a hobby 

 Exercise not only releases stress and anxiety but also helps our bodies stay strong and agile making day to day household tasks easier. That is why you are likely to enjoy cleaning related tasks more if you are in good shape and like to be active.

8.   If you are in the Karate Kid fan club

If you are a fan of The Karate Kid, you probably remember this scene from the original 1984 film.

In this clip, Mr. Miyagi shows his pupil how to make a laborious and mundane task like polishing a car into an engaging exercise while learning humility. If you know how to have fun while grinding through a task, you likely have the patience needed to be good at cleaning.

9.   If you meditate 

This blog by Saadia Ahmad shares how being present while keeping a clean house is a great way to reflect on our mind and letting go of stress. People that can be aware while doing simple or monotonous tasks are very likely to adopt the best cleaning habits.

Vacuuming, mopping, or brooming can be pleasant if you listen to Mr. Myagi from Karate Kid and his wisdom or maybe it helps you keep active on days you skip the gym.

One of the best pieces of cleaning advice I have ever gotten is to try to make it fun and engaging, so look for pleasurable aspects of ordinary tasks to help you be consistent.