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Eight Useful Tools for Creating a Clean Space

Creating a clean space often means choosing the right janitorial supplies as opposed to simply expanding the housekeeping budget. Cleaning companies with years of experience usually know what type of inventory to maintain, however, if your organization does not specialize in cleaning it is handy to have the right stock for everyday cleaning supplies.

Many types and grades of janitorial supplies can do the job, but these eight tools are a must-have for regular cleaning within business facilities.

1. Microfibre cloths

While it is much cheaper to tear up an old t-shirt and start wiping down surfaces, the lint and residues left behind will cost you time and effort.

It is way easier to go with microfibre towels as they cut down the cleaning time because they retain dirt easily and barely leave behind any lint. Not to mention that they give your clean space a beautiful minty fresh look in just a couple of wipes.

2. Enzyme cleaners

Stains have many types and intensities, such as those that leave behind a funny smell. It is always a good idea to go for a deodorized enzyme cleaner if you are dealing with bodily fluids because these products contain bacteria and enzymes that help fight the odour.

There is nothing worse than having to come back to a stain due to a lurking smell in the room, be sure to read the instructions and ingredients to make sure you’re using the right cleaner.

3. Spray bottles

A good quality, durable spray bottle that will keep pumping away for years if you choose the right one.

This is an everyday use tool that you end up using a lot, so it is worth it to choose the best suitable bottle so that you are ready to spray on the right spread and intensity of liquid as you zip by spreading the goodness around the office.

4. Microfiber Mops

A bucket of water and mop can do wonders for a dirty floor and any good, looped end mophead works well for concrete floors. Microfibre mops can handle surfaces such as hardwood floors, be sure to double up with a surface-friendly sanitizer, for a deeper clean.

5. Disinfectants

Cleaning removes germs dirt and impurities from objects while disinfectants contain antimicrobial ingredients that kill germs. That is why it is important to ensure that you are using cleaning agents that keep your office safe from both dirt and disease.

With increased vigilance around the office and regular visits by your cleaning company, a fresh-smelling disinfectant that can deal with the virus, fungus, bacteria, and other pathogens can truly add to that clean space feeling.

6. Nitrile Gloves

There is a reason why Nitrile gloves were among the hardest to find janitorial supplies during the impact of Covid-19. Nitrile can block water, grease, oil, chemicals, and many other substances and due to its high puncture resistance and strength, it is a basic utility for any cleaning company.

If you are caring for occupants that require long term medical attention or are working around a shop that deals with grease and chemical regularly, Nitrile gloves will keep your hands safe.

7. Consider a foot-operated Sanitizer Stand

It is safe to say that sanitizers have become an everyday requirement for most buildings. Most businesses today, direct traffic through a limited number of entrances and exits.

Since many people are using the sanitizer in such areas, it is a great idea to consider a sanitizer stand that works with a foot pedal so that hands do not have to touch the dispenser bottle.

8. Specialized vacuums

Commercial spaces require vacuums that are built for heavy use and perform better than average machines. Their high suction, cleaning capacity and motor power ensure that you catch all the dirt and impurities when cleaning large offices or properties.

It is a good idea to ensure that you are getting the best value for money by getting a vacuum that caters to carpet, upholstery, vertical surfaces and hard to clean areas.

The right selection of tools and methods to ensure that regular maintenance is quick and easy. While there are many ways to clean and disinfect, selecting the smartest protocols can help create a wonderful, safe, and clean space for your business.