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5 Great Ways to Revamp the Way You Clean this Summer

Are you feeling stuck in a cleaning rut? Want to try something different? Warm balmy summer weather and the change in the seasons is the perfect excuse to try something new and break away from that blah feeling that comes with your weekly housekeeping routine. From harnessing the weather to making your home more sustainable here are five ways to change up how you clean this summer.

1. Change up your cleaning schedule

A great way to revamp how you clean this summer is my changing up your cleaning schedule. For example, if you’re a weekend cleaner, try doing little at a time over the course of the week. Or if you like to clean throughout the week, block out a few hours on the weekend. You can upgrade the experience and make it more fun by putting on music, a podcast, or an audiobook. Open the windows if it’s not too hot where you live and get into the cleaning zone! You’ll be amazed at how much a simple change in routine can change your mood and how you feel about cleaning.

2. Switch to reusable tools & supplies for a more sustainable clean

If you care about the environment, you know how important sustainability is. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can do your part for a greener future researching and buying sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning supplies and tools is a great place to start. For instance, you can get rid of your disposable sponges and cloths and trade them in for reusable sponge cloths and microfibre towels. They work exactly the same as your favourite paper towels but are an eco-friendlier option that creates less waste. To save on loads, have an extra bucket or container for your cleaning cloths in the laundry room, if you have one, or in your bathroom or kitchen if you don’t, so you keep the clothes together and then throw them into a load on laundry day.

3. Clean something unexpected

Another good way to revamp how you clean this summer is to clean something unexpected that you usually wouldn’t think to clean like your diffuser or the insides of light fixtures in your home or business. There are so many things that we use every day that just never get cleaned because we are so busy using them or cleaning other things that we just don’t think about it. So, this summer take a walk around your home or your business and go to each room or area and take a look at the items you don’t usually clean and see what can be done. You’d be surprised how dirty some items can get from repeat use.

4. Try a cleaning concentrate

One way to make cleaning more environmentally friendly is to simplify what you are using down to only what you need. Often, we get sold on fancy cleaners that don’t actually work. Figure out what you need to clean and simplify your collection of cleaning products by switching to a concentrated cleaner. There are many cleaners available that clean areas of your bathroom and kitchen for example. A great bonus to this is that if you find a scent you like using a concentrated cleaner will carry that lovely scene throughout your home or business.

5. Save your dryer lint to make a fire starter

This one is for the campers, glampers, and hiking enthusiasts! Next time you do a load of laundry don’t throw away your dryer lint in the trash, keep it. Lint catches fire easily and is a cheap and quick way to start a fire. Simply ball it up and stuff the fuzz in a toilet paper roll or tissue paper box, and it’s ready to light! Let the summer campfires commence! S’mores anyone?