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Too Busy? Try These Tips and Products to Streamline Your Vehicle Maintenance

Want to keep your car or company vehicle clean and running smoothly, but don’t have a lot of time for maintenance? Try these tips and products to help keep up the maintenance on your car and keep it looking good without breaking your budget or wasting excess time.

1. Use a Good All Purpose Cleaner

One way to cut down on the time that regular car maintenance takes is to buy products that can serve multiple purposes that way you don’t have to switch out what product you are using when you’re servicing your car. One way to achieve this is to use an all-purpose cleaner that has both cleaning and de-greasing properties such as the Purple Power all-purpose cleaner. What makes this product a great time saver is that once diluted the cleaner can be used on engines, tires, carpets, upholstery, car door jambs, and more. The cleaner can effectively remove oil, grease, and rust stains as well as dirt and it’s environmentally friendly and certified as readily biodegradable.

2.Wash Your Car Regularly

Washing your car on a regular basis keeps your car looking good and will also let you know if there’s something wrong with the exterior of your car that you may not have spotted under the dirt. To make sure you get every speck of dust and grim we recommend Auto Gleam Car Wash and Shine. Designed to overcome the disadvantages of hard water, premium detergents and various special ingredients are combined to go beyond the cleaning and rinsing abilities of ordinary soaps. This highly concentrated solution cleans efficiently and rinses freely with a wax like shine.

3. Keep your Car’s Decorative Elements in Tip Top Shape

Your vehicle isn’t just something that gets you from Point A to Point B for many of us our cars are our pride and joy and they tell others a lot about us right from the get-go. That’s why it’s equally important to make sure that the decorative elements of your car are maintained just as well as the functional elements. For this we recommend a product like the Ultra-Shield Rubber and Vinyl Dressing. What makes Ultra-Shield great is that the formula contains a unique blend of polymers that restore, seal, and protect vinyl, leather, and wood to like new condition. The product is non-flammable which makes it a must have for dressing an engine compartment and as a bonus it has a blossoming cherry fragrance to it which makes the product both useful and pleasant to work with.

4. Keeping Your Car Smelling Fresh Week After Week

When it comes to our homes, cars, and businesses noise blindness can be a real issue. We become so used to a smell that we don’t realize it’s there anymore until someone else who is new to the environment points it out. To keep yourself from becoming noise blind and keep your vehicle smelling fresh for friends and clients alike we recommend you use a deodorizer on a regular basis. The active ingredients in deodorizers eliminate malodors by neutralization without covering them up. Highly concentrated an effective deodorizer can last you for months and keep your car smelling good as new (yes really!). At Checkers Cleaning Supply we carry deodorizers in scents such as Green Apple, Piña Colada, Cherry, Spring Fresh, and New Car smell.

5. Consider Protective Mats and Covers

Depending on the kind of work you do and what kind of materials you put in your vehicle you may want to consider buying plastic seat covers and floor mats to protect and preserve the interior of your car from harsh elemental damage over time. For maximum protection we recommend purchasing Slip-N-Grip Clear Plastic Seat Covers and Disposable Latex-Coated Floor Mats.