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Checkers Cleaning Supply Newsletter – March 2023

Introducing Our First Quarterly Newsletter

Dear valued customers,

I am honored to introduce our FIRST quarterly newsletter that focuses on the latest cleaning equipment available at Checkers Cleaning Supply. As a trusted provider of cleaning solutions, we understand that having the right equipment is crucial to achieve optimal results. Therefore, we have curated a selection of innovative and efficient cleaning tools to help streamline your cleaning processes and enhance your workflow.

We take pride in catering to your individual needs and preferences, and our team is always available to help you choose the right equipment for your cleaning tasks. From industrial-grade vacuums to autoscrubbers and carpet cleaners, we have everything you need to maintain a clean and safe workplace.

We hope you find this newsletter informative and helpful in your cleaning endeavors. As always, we appreciate your loyalty and trust in our products, and we remain committed to providing exceptional service and quality solutions.

Best regards,
Terrence Hewitt

Making An Investment In Automatic Cleaning Equipment Can Actually Save You Money

Like many other industries have experienced in the past couple of years, companies that specialize in cleaning have dealt with difficulties due to labour shortages. We have heard from several customers that they can’t find enough people to do the job manually, and therefore, are moving more toward equipment that can not only complete cleaning tasks but do them at a faster pace.

Cleaning equipment (such as automatic scrubbers) can clean more square footage per hour than a few manual labourers’ efforts combined can do in the same amount of time. Quieter, innovative designs in cleaning machines have made them ideal for daily use, and the latest innovations (like these from Betco) even remove water instantly, which reduces injuries from slips and falls.

We recently started partnering with Kärcher. The company utilizes its 80 years of experience in cleaning technology to bring state-of-the-art, efficient machines to the market, and we have found many solutions to help our clients bridge the gap during manual labour shortages. From scrubbers to polishing machines, carpet cleaners to air blowers, and steam cleaners to gum removers, Kärcher has an extensive catalog to help you get the job done faster and better.

Checkers Cleaning Supply partners with several manufacturers, and provides support, training, service, parts, and facility assessments. Since 1984, we have worked to find our clients the most applicable cleaning equipment and solutions, no matter what the industry is – contract cleaning, education, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, property management, and more. We help companies like yours increase productivity by making it easy to consistently maintain a clean and safe workplace faster and more effectively.

The labour market is expected to remain tight. In addition to the lower availability of manual workers, those that are looking for work are expecting a higher wage than in years past. When you invest in automatic cleaning equipment, you have the fixed cost of the machines with some maintenance costs that may follow. It is easier to plan and budget in this scenario as opposed to the variable costs of hiring new employees, such as placing ads searching for candidates, paid training when they are hired, their wages and benefits package (if offered), on-the-job injury insurance, and going through this process all over again if the new hire does not work out or decides to quit. There is the time cost to your organization of each of those steps as well. Also, it should be taken into account the fact that often it is unanticipated or unexpected when you lose a manual labourer or must find a temporary worker should staff members call out sick or take days off. Your company could even be taken by a pleasant surprise – a new client that needs services started immediately.
Automatic cleaning equipment can help your company be better prepared for continuity of service to your clients, more satisfactory results from cleanings (which also brings goodwill and long-term contracts) and save you money in the long run.




Ewww… Who Discovered Bacteria and When?

Let’s face it – bacteria are everywhere. Our product offerings help keep it at bay with regular use, which is a good thing, because you need to make sure your facility has it under control. This got us to thinking… Who discovered bacteria, and how did they do it?

It was almost 500 years ago that the microscope came to be, and with it, numerous scientific discoveries that were never before even thought to be possible. Although scholars in science knew that microorganisms existed, it wasn’t until a machine was invented to view them that they could be observed.

Although microscopes in the 1600s were rudimentary compared to today’s standards, they still allowed Robert Hooke and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek to find molds fruitfully multiplying. The discovery of bacteria is credited to Leeuwenhoek (1676), while Hooke studied molds and their fruiting structure (1665). Years later, the existence of spontaneous generation and how infectious disease works was credited to microbiology. There can be no denying the value of the work of these two men to the science of their own day as well as our current times.

Researcher Robert Koch was later able to show that microorganisms caused infectious disease. This discovery would have a major impact on the study of infectious disease, as it gave much needed insight on how these illnesses spread. With this knowledge, human beings were able to prevent certain diseases from being widespread, thereby increasing life spans and life expectancy.

The top causes of mortality changed too, seemingly related to this research and changes society made with the knowledge gained. In 1900, people mainly passed away from influenza, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and gastroenteritis – all very contagious illnesses. At the turn of the current century, heart disease, cancer, and stroke were the top 3 – none of which are viral or passed among the population.

Top quality products, exceptional customer service, honesty, and integrity are the principles that have been guiding our family-owned business for almost four decades, and these values have earned us thousands of loyal customers.