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Spring Cleaning Your Business

Spring means new beginnings and fresh starts in nature, and we have moved that idea into our homes and businesses by way of a ritual called “spring cleaning”. By paying closer attention to areas that may be overlooked during regularly scheduled periodic cleanings, we can refresh our environment, and create a clean, safe space for workers and customers alike. Check out these useful tips for spring cleaning your place of business!

What You and Your Customers Don’t Usually See Still Needs Spring Cleaning

Now is the perfect time for the inside of your out-of-sight spaces (like cabinets) to get a makeover. Go through and organize what you have. Also, during this process, make a note of the items you are low on or out of so you can reorder them. You may be able to donate office supply clutter and items your business no longer uses to a local charity’s business office.

When was the last time bathrooms, the kitchen, and break rooms got a thorough deep cleaning and sanitization? It should be done now. Any idea when the air vents were last vacuumed and filters replaced? To help decrease dust and bring fresh air flow to the workplace, add these tasks to your spring cleaning routine or service.

What Your Customers Usually See Definitely Needs Spring Cleaning

If you’re providing cleaning services, it’s practically a given that you will be cleaning the customer-facing areas like the lobby, hallways, and elevator or seating areas. During spring cleaning, it’s important to take a few extra minutes and break out of the usual routine to put yourself into an actual customer’s or visitor’s shoes to see the space as they do.

Some areas that will probably need extra attention include:

  • Under big furniture and appliances (a duster will often be sufficient to remove dirt, “dust bunnies”, and mites)
  • Ceiling fans, light fixtures, and hanging art (microfiber cloths are great for dusting these)
  • The tops of doorways, window treatments, shutters, cabinets, window sills, blinds, and similar areas (a duster followed by a wet microfiber cloth)
  • Under floor and chair mats, and under rugs (vacuum and clean the floor underneath with an appropriate method)
  • Recycling and trash receptacles (clean and sanitize)

A Fresh, New Look is Perfect for Spring Cleaning

So you’ve done all the spring cleaning but the workplace is still a little… blah. How about some rearranging?

Both your customer-facing and working areas could benefit from moving the furniture around a bit. Even though the items in the room haven’t changed, moving them around can make the space feel new and bring fresh energy into the workplace. If your budget allows, maybe consider replacing either a few pieces or more. Perhaps even a redesign is in your spring cleaning future – it can improve worker morale and the impression your customers have of your business!

During this time of year, it’s also a good idea to look at your company’s expenses, relationships with customers and vendors, processes, and business and marketing plan for any improvements you can make. Do you have duplication in some areas? Is your company paying for services that you don’t really use (food delivery or streaming)? Do you find it seems like you’re always running out of printer ink or toner? Is your digital storage close to its limit? Maybe you haven’t cleaned out your email in a good long while. Spring cleaning your company – whatever that means to you – can lead to increased employee satisfaction and morale, revamped mission and vision statements, or just a fresh, new attitude toward doing business. We hope you found these ideas helpful and will enjoy a new outlook after spring cleaning!

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