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Checkers Cleaning Supply Newsletter – June 2023

Spring Means Cleaning!

As we move into spring, many businesses are getting ready for some renewed focus on their cleaning routines. Checkers has a great lineup
of cleaning products and equipment that can help you achieve your cleaning goals. You can enjoy a cleaner and more organized workspace
that is conducive to productivity and success.Best regards,
Ryan Hewitt
Sales Manager

Spring Cleaning Your Business
Spring means new beginnings and fresh starts in nature, and we have moved that idea into our homes and businesses by way of a ritual called “spring cleaning”. By paying closer attention to areas that may be overlooked during regularly scheduled periodic cleanings, we can refresh our environment, and create a clean, safe space for workers and customers alike. Check out these useful tips for spring cleaning your place of business!



Baking Soda Can Do So Many Things

Baking soda makes baked goods rise, but it also has many cleaning uses and health benefits. Sodium bicarbonate, or bicarbonate of soda, gives a fluffy texture, and also has the ability to relieve canker sore pain. With such an impressive gamut of uses, we wanted to share with you how it can be used in everyday life. Some of the following applications will apply to work and some to home:

  • Some people choose baking soda and water as a replacement for mouthwash, as it can freshen breath and provide antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It can also work as a teeth whitener, personal deodorant, refrigerator odor neutralizer, natural air freshener, laundry and garbage can deodorizer, kitchen cleaner, stain remover, and a paste can offer a gentle scrubbing solution for bathrooms, sinks, tiles, toilets, and tubs & showers.
  • It can also remove pesticides from produce that haven’t permeated the skin of fruits or vegetables. If you don’t want chemical silver polishers, you can mix baking soda, a bit of vinegar, and boiling water in an aluminum soaking pan, then place the silver in the aluminum pan. Almost immediately, tarnish should vanish. If it doesn’t, you may need to wait a minute or so. Sometimes the chemical reaction takes a few minutes.
  • Clean a scorched pot with baking soda by sprinkling a good amount of baking soda on the pot’s inside and add enough water to make a paste. After boiling, you can scrub the pot and remove remnants of cooked food. If further cleaning is needed, a scouring pad and some dishwashing liquid should do the trick.
  • Some fire extinguishers contain baking soda, so it’s no surprise that it can be used to put out grease and oil fires, should you ever experience them.
  • Weeds can be hard to get rid of because of their deep roots. If you want to use harmful chemicals, you might have better luck, but the natural solution of baking soda is a less expensive, safer option.
  • Shoes can get sweaty and smelly in the hotter months, but baking soda is a great remedy for this issue. You can either sprinkle it directly into the shoes or put it into a small breathable bag placed into the shoes.

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, provides deodorizing and freshening, and there are many ways to use it, especially during spring cleaning season. What other uses would you like to share with us on social media?

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