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COVID-19 Workplace Cleaning Guide

Though the threat of COVID-19 is still present, more and more businesses find themselves returning to the office and re-opening their doors to customers. Caution is necessary, but with proper planning of sanitation procedures, we help minimize whatever risks are involved. This guide will help you, your coworkers, and customers feel comfortable returning to business as usual.

Keeping Shared Spaces Safe

The most important thing to do when considering a return to in-person business is to develop a plan for the processes that will ensure the safety of you and those around you. A critical component of this plan is maintaining the cleanliness of spaces that are frequented by employees or customers.

Any common area such as break rooms, bathrooms, or conference rooms, risk becoming a potential hazard due to the higher volume of people that visit them. To prevent this from happening these areas should be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly and frequently. That is why the team at Checkers developed two pre-packaged sanitation supply kits for these types of areas that include the needed disinfectant sprays, wipes, hand sanitizers, disposable gloves and other multi-purpose cleaners. Cleaning surfaces with soap and water will remove the majority of any germs that are present, but following up with a disinfectant you ensure that any remaining germs are killed and unable to affect anyone comes into contact with them. Each of the kits come with an attractive countertop display box to allow the supplies to sit out (without looking out of place) and allowing ready access to whoever needs. Encouraging the simple routine of wiping down before & after using an area will greatly reduce the risk of transmission for COVID-19, as well as other viruses such as the flu, even in an area that faces a high volume of traffic from employees or customers.

If possible, develop a plan before returning to the office, that way it can be put into action as soon as possible. Determine which locations and surfaces within your workspace will be frequented the most, and make sure those are a high priority when it comes to how often they are cleaned. Make sure to not only stock up on soap and disinfectant but gloves for cleaning as well. Frequent cleaning, especially using disinfectants, can cause skin to dry out and become irritated. Not only will gloves keep your hands clean while you sanitize, but it will help protect your skin as well.

Hand Washing Vs. Hand Sanitizing

The second most important practice to implement next to a solid cleaning routine is proper hand hygiene. Washing hands frequently seems like common sense but with surfaces like desks, light switches, and door handles being touched often by multiple people hand hygiene is a critical aspect of staying safe. Knowing best practices for keeping hands as sanitary as possible is essential.

The best method of defense against viruses in general, including COVID-19, is washing hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds. This will manually remove the majority of microscopic germs residing on your hands, as well as dirt and grease. When possible, opt for drying hands afterward with a single-use paper towel, rather than the air dryers that can force more germs into the air of your environment.

Unfortunately, though it is the best option, washing hands is not always practical depending on the situation you find yourself in. In those instances where you can’t access soap and running water, hand sanitizer is the best choice to keep your hands as clean as possible. When selecting a hand sanitizer make sure to choose one that is at least 60% alcohol-based. Good news – all of our sanitizer options (pre-moistened sanitizer wipes, desktop sanitizer pumps, bulk sanitizer gel jugs) are 70% alcohol or more! Make sure that your employees know how to use it properly as well, apply an adequate amount to the palm of one hand and then spread evenly over both hands, making sure not to overlook any areas. Allow the sanitizer to dry completely on its own as well, though it may take a few minutes longer. Wiping hands dry on pants or a towel can reintroduce germs to freshly sanitized hands.

Similar to cleaning surfaces and objects, when it comes to maintaining clean hands soap and water are the most powerful tools at your disposal. Hand sanitizer can prove to be extremely useful in situations where hand washing is not an option. When possible, follow the type of protocol that is seen in hospitals, clean hands thoroughly with soap and water first, dry with a single-use paper towel, then follow up with an even application of hand sanitizer. Just like with cleaning surfaces, the soap and water will remove a large number of germs, then the sanitizer will help ensure that any that remain are killed. Practicing good hand hygiene is simple, but greatly reduces the risk of spreading and contracting any illness, especially COVID-19.

Must Haves

You have a plan in place, feel confident about the best practices that you and your team will be adhering to, and are excited to get back into your workplace; what next? Luckily we have a few products that will make the transition back a breeze, and help ensure that your staff and customers all feel safe and comfortable.

Sanitation Supply Kits
Sanitation supply kits are perfect for individuals returning to the workplace. Including hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and wipes, as well as gloves these kits have everything you need to maintain a safe and clean workspace. We offer options that are suitable for any situation, whether you are returning to the office or re-opening your doors to eager customers. You can even select your kit size based on the size of your staff, ensuring that you won’t run low on important items when you need them most. Monthly subscription programs are available to ensure that you have the replenishments when you need.

Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers 
A proper dispenser for hand sanitizer and soap is essential. The easy-to-access pump allows the user to dispense the solution with their arm, rather than hand, helping reduce the spread of germs. This dispenser also administers a precise amount of solution with each pump, helping ensure you get the most bang for your buck, about 760 pumps per gallon! This equates to your business saving about $60 per gallon of solution. Our dispenser doesn’t require using a specific brand, your preferred choice of soap or sanitizer will work just fine, allowing you the flexibility to choose what is best for your needs.


Returning to work as COVID-19 continues to be a threat can be intimidating. However, with a proper plan in place, a well-informed staff, and the right products at-hand there is no need to fear! Following the essential protocols we laid out in this article, and making sure you are well equipped to maintain a sanitary workplace will ensure that your staff or customers will feel safe returning to business as usual.