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Gloves: Nitrile or Vinyl… what’s the difference?

Understanding the difference between the two most common type of disposable gloves is simple:


Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are made from PVC, a petroleum-based film which essentially results in a cheaper retail cost. However, they are a less durable option than nitrile gloves, offering limited protection against chemical or biomedical exposure. When vinyl gloves are stretched or flexed, the individual molecules separate and the integrity of the protective barrier is compromised.
Due to their low cost and low protection levels, vinyl gloves are commonly used in non-hazardous and low-infection environments.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves came to prominence in the 1990s as a leading latex alternative. While they’re not as elastic or flexible as their latex counterparts, disposable nitrile gloves are notably more durable and resistant to chemicals. As such, these gloves are the ideal choice for anyone who has to handle potentially hazardous and corrosive chemicals. They are also perfectly suited for most medical environments, being exceptionally puncture-resistant and eliminating the risk of latex allergy reactions.

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