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Restaurants: Keep Them Coming Back for More!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. And the impression people get when they walk through the door of your restaurant is of utmost importance to your success! You may have the best food in town, but if your establishment is not spick and span, no one will ever know.

When it comes to dining out and food preparation, patrons have high standards. And in the highly competitive restaurant business attracting and keeping customers is difficult enough. Don’t let your sanitation standards keep them away.

Did you know that repeat restaurant customers account for at least half of your revenue? A study done by the National Restaurant Association shows repeat customers are vital to the success of any restaurant business.

71% at Quick Service Restaurants
68% at Fast Casual
64% at Casual Dining
63% at Family Dining
51% at Fine Dining

We are here to help with a few key areas to focus on that will keep your business spotless and your clients coming back for more.

Dining Area

The area where customers eat – whether in a sit-down restaurant or fast food joint – must be spotless. This includes tables & chairs and floors but also surrounding areas like windowsills, decorative items and baseboards. Your patrons will spend the majority of their time in this area, so it’s imperative that it is sparkling.

Our Betco Citrus Chisel is a cleaner/degreaser ready to take on any challenge. It combines natural citrus solvents with a totally unique surfactant system. It’s the perfect solution for cleaning dining areas where greasy hands and food have left behind a mess. And as a bonus, it deodorizes when it cleans, leaving a fresh citrus scent.

To take on the floors, we recommend Betco Fastdraw 20 Green Earth Neutral Daily Floor Cleaner. This environmentally preferable daily floor cleaner is super concentrated, providing a low end-use cost per gallon. You can use with a mop and bucket or an auto scrubber on finished and non-finished floors, resilient tile, vinyl composition tile, terazzo, and stone floors.


This can become a problem area very quickly if you don’t keep it at the top of the list. Customers will not only be turned off by a dirty washroom but will judge you because of it. Their mind will immediately wonder what your kitchen looks like if the washroom is in shambles.

Ensure the toilets are clean, mirrors are sparkling and floors are dirt-free. Trash needs to be emptied, hand soap and paper towels should be fully stocked and all touch points (taps, handles, etc) wiped down.

Staff will find Betco FastDraw AF79 Cleaner Disinfectant to be an effective antibacterial cleaner. This multi-surface cleaner can be used on all hard surfaces and removes all types of soil, including soap scum. This cleaner won’t harm plumbing, etch porcelain or pit fixtures and its powerful odor-killing ingredients will leave your washroom with a pleasant scent.

Kitchens are typically behind closed doors to the customer, but are equally as important. Watch for our next blog post on keeping your kitchen clean as a whistle.

No one likes to do the “dirty work” but it must be done. Working together as a team will ensure that everyone plays a part and the jobs are completed. Training your staff to do the job properly is the key to success. If all new hires are aware of the standard you have set, they will be expected to meet or exceed that requirement.

Ensure you have a proper cleaning schedule in place and a system to guarantee it is followed to the letter. After all, you don’t want to lose the business of those customers you worked so hard to get in the door!

Checkers is here to help you maintain a spotless restaurant. We take cleaning seriously. Contact us today and learn how we can assist.