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Three Ways to Fight the Flu

When the Christmas tree is down and decorations have been packed away, it’s time for another favourite season to arrive. No, not spring. FLU SEASON. Like it or not, this unwelcomed visitor likes to make an appearance between October through May. However, prime time for this culprit is in February.

People tend to be indoors more in the winter, in close contact with others and sharing germs. The drier winter air leaves us dehydrated and more vulnerable. And on top of that, viruses are preserved in colder temperatures, so they stick around longer. All of these add up to a risky time of year, which requires extra vigilance.

To help you combat Flu Season in your organization, we’re sharing three easy ways to give your staff a fighting chance.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a quick and convenient way to fight back against the flu. Having dispensers at key locations will remind people to use it, keeping germs at bay.

We recommend Deb Instant Foam. This highly effective hypoallergenic foam is ideal for frequent use as it contains moisturizer, leaving hands refreshed and soft. It is perfume-free, dye-free and does not contain gelling agents. That means it won’t leave your hands feeling sticky. Perfect for frequent use.

Hand Washing

The most common way to get sick is from germs on your hands making their way to your face or mouth. The restroom is a great spot to remind people to properly wash their hands rather than just a quick rinse. Post a simple chart on the wall and provide good hand soap and single use paper towels. Bacteria actually transfer more easily on wet hands than dry, so it’s just as important to dry them off after lathering them up.

A touch free auto foam dispenser is the perfect assistant in the restroom to help cut down on cross-contamination. This one will efficiently dispense our Deb foaming hand hygiene products.

Our Cascades PRO Tandem Roll Paper Towels are perfect for restrooms. The high capacity dispensing system was created to help facilities improve hygiene and lower operating costs. Tandem dispensers offer ease-of-use, reliability, durability, and help deliver a healthy and clean looking environment.

Wipe Out

Because germs are easily spread by touching things, it’s important to keep common and well-used areas wiped down with disinfectant. Problem areas include:

  • Door knobs
  • Computer keyboards & mice
  • Telephones
  • Break room: microwave, drinking fountain, vending machine buttons
  • Fax/copy machine
  • Elevator buttons
  • Hand rails

These items are touched hundreds of times each day, so ensure they are wiped down with Avmor’s EP50 cleaner disinfectant. It kills bacteria and disinfects in five minutes and is your best option for multipurpose cleaning.

As we make our way through flu season, Checkers is here to help your organization fight back. We are your source for industrial cleaning and maintenance supplies. Products you can trust, a partner you can count on.

We take cleaning seriously.