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Safety Benefits of Using Dilution Control

When you’re thinking of switching over to a chemical dilution control system, safety benefits might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Aside from the cost savings and consistent cleaning results, dilution control is also really beneficial when it comes to protecting employees while they’re on the job. Cleaning chemicals are just that–chemicals. Therefore, safety measures need to be taken into consideration when planning how these chemicals are not only being used, but dispensed as well.

The most identifiable risk that chemical dilution control eliminates is splash-back from the dreaded “glug” method. When blindly pouring undiluted chemical, that chemical can splash onto the user’s skin, face, and eyes, causing rashes and burns. These rashes and burns, especially if the chemical gets in the eye, can cause serious damage to your employees. Some chemicals release fumes when they aren’t being dispensed through a proportioner, which can also have negative effects on the user. By reducing the risk of accidents, there will be fewer instances where an employee needs time off work due to work-related injuries or conditions. Installing a chemical dilution control dispenser also means eliminating the interaction between your employees and concentrated chemicals, resulting in a much safer work environment all together.

Mixing your own chemicals also poses a threat for visitors to your facility or workplace. For example, using too much of a floor chemical will result in a slippery surface. If visitors slip and fall, it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Eliminating the opportunity to overuse a chemical also takes control of the safety of your visitors and other employees, as the chemical will be applied properly, ensuring no surfaces are damaged or slippery.

Taking guesswork out of mixing cleaning products with chemical proportioning systems not only protect your janitorial staff’s health, but it also ensures consistent product usage which will also save you money. Chemical dilution systems take out the room for error to make mistakes and have accidents, which will in turn make your workplace a safer one to be in.

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