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Benefits of Dilution Control for Dispensing Disinfectant

Dilution control can have many positive impacts on your cleaning routine and overall facility’s appearance. Most importantly, if you are looking to properly disinfect, these dispensers will make sure you are disinfecting correctly, all the time.

It is extremely important to dilute disinfectant properly as per the label on the bottle. Disinfectant is a pesticide, and has been linked to negative health effects for humans and animals if it is not used properly. Using a chemical dilution dispenser, this will rule out any opportunities for incorrect dilution levels, making sure the disinfectant does not harm anyone it comes in contact with.

Aside from the potential harm an incorrectly diluted disinfectant can inflict, the disinfectant itself will be ineffective if diluted incorrectly. Some germs and bacteria won’t be killed, with the potential of them mutating and becoming resistant to the chemical all together. If used at its full strength (undiluted), it will leave a residue which creates a film on the surface. Proper dilution really does matter so it is very important that disinfectants are being put through a chemical dispensing system to ensure they are being used correctly, and to their best potential.

Most disinfectant labels will state that fresh solution should be used every time you clean. With the use of a chemical dilution dispenser, you will be using fresh solution every time. This is important because if solution is being left after each use, the dirt and bacteria in the bottle or bucket will render the chemical ineffective.

Not sure where you should be using disinfectant in your facility? Many critical touch points are bathrooms, sinks, counters, doorknobs, light switches, bed and handrails, elevator buttons, phones, desks, and computer keyboards. Download our infographic on how to properly disinfect in your facility now!