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The Benefits of Chemical Dilution Control Systems

Is your facility suffering from “the glug”? You know, that thing you do where you take a big jug of concentrated chemical and aimlessly dump it into your mop bucket, hoping for the best that you achieved the correct dilution. Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you’re also using an unnecessary amount of product, costing your business money. Janitorial staff shouldn’t be expected to do their own chemistry, especially at the cost of eating up expenses from your cleaning supply budget due to over-use of chemicals. Contrary to popular belief, more chemical does not mean a better clean. In fact, when it comes to cleaning, less actually is more. Also contrary to popular belief, human beings cannot do everything a computer can do, specifically when it comes to perfectly diluting chemicals; enter the chemical dilution control system.

What exactly is a chemical dilution control system?

A chemical dilution control system is either a wall-mounted or portable dispenser that through pre-set formulas, dispenses concentrated chemicals mixed with water at the proper dilution rate, every time.

How can a chemical dilution control system benefit me?

Most importantly, it saves you money. Research has proved that “the glug” does not do any favors for your budget, nor does it protect your janitorial staff from burns and rashes that results from splash-back of mixing your own chemicals. The implementation of a dilution dispenser eliminates direct contact with concentrated chemicals, making them safer for your staff to use. It also stops over-use in its tracks, as the dispenser is pre-set with formulas to dispense the correct amount of chemical, every time. Chemicals are already expensive, so using a dispenser to dilute them will ensure they are only being used in the amount that is needed. It cuts out guess work, and eliminates waste, creating a streamlined cleaning system that will not only save you money, but time as well.

As we mentioned before, in the world of cleaning chemicals, less is definitely more. By using “the glug” method, too much chemical is being used, which actually results in poor cleaning. The excess chemical leaves a film on all surfaces; a film that your staff will keep using extra time trying to get rid of by using the same amount of excess chemical, which guarantees the return of that film, regardless of their efforts to make it go away. This film will actually make your facility appear dirty, as it can make the surfaces dull and/or sticky. On the other hand, using not enough chemical means you are going through the motions of cleaning, but not actually doing anything. The use of a chemical dilution control system completely removes the window of opportunity for either of these situations to happen, and will ensure you’re cleaning the right way, the first time, on a consistent basis.

We hope you know more about chemical dilution control systems than you did prior to reading this post. If you’re still not sure how a chemical dilution dispensing system can benefit your facility, we’ve put together some resources to help you out.