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Your Driving Force

If your company has fleet vehicles, you can appreciate the time and expense required to keep the wheels rolling and business happening. We recognize this commitment and want to help with a few tips for maintaining fleet vehicles.

Fortunately, spring is here. It’s a time to shed the salt, sand and grit of winter and do some spring-cleaning for the sunny days ahead! Cleaning the inside and outside of your vehicles is the first step in keeping them in tip-top shape for your team.

Not only is maintenance and detailing necessary for the safety and reliability of your fleet, but it’s a huge customer relation issue as well. Consider your vehicles to be moving billboards for your business. If they are in disrepair and looking rough around the edges, what does that say about your business?

Your clients – and potential clients – will associate the professionalism of your business with what they see driving down the highway or pulling into their parking lot. A clean, well-kept vehicle will communicate the image of an organized, reliable and trustworthy business.

Have a System

The best way to stay on top of regular service and maintenance needs is to have a system and follow it. Each vehicle should be assigned an ID and have a corresponding file that documents all repairs, scheduled maintenance and detailing. Be sure the people responsible for the vehicle take ownership of this document and commit to keeping it current. If a major repair is needed, it’s quite beneficial to have a record of all of the work completed along the way. This also indicates a level of care and investment that is often overlooked with vehicles.

Regular Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance will allow your fleet to run at optimum performance and preserve the safety of the vehicle. When so much of your business depends on the operation of your fleet, keeping them running is a top priority.

An oil change should be performed approximately every 5000 kilometers. Of course, this varies depending on the age of the vehicle, type of oil, etc. so, be sure to check the owner’s manual and add this to your maintenance record file.

Something as simple as an air filter can make a big difference. The frequency will depend on the conditions of the atmosphere and the number of kilometers driven, but a good rule of thumb is to add it to your monthly routine checklist.

The very thing that keeps your fleet vehicles moving also need to be checked at regular intervals. Tires can last approximately 80,000 kilometers depending on conditions. A quick manual check on a regular rotation will ensure they have enough tread and are road-worthy.

The Details

Did you know that regular detailing extends the life of your fleet vehicles? As mentioned earlier, the sand, salt and grit of winter can really take a toll on the undercarriage. In addition, dirt and grime can get into all kinds of crevices – inside and outside – which wears down the life of the upholstery, paint, etc.

Just as you have a regular mechanical schedule, you should also have a regular cleaning schedule. A great product for the exterior of your fleet vehicles is our Auto Valet Auto Wash/Wax. This product is a one step wash and shine that gives outstanding results with maximum economy. It loosens stubborn soils and rinses easily, leaving a lustrous sheen.

To protect and keep that “new” feeling on the interior, we suggest Auto Valet’s Ultra Shield. This product contains a unique blend of polymers that restores, seals and protects vinyl, leather and wood leaving your interior looking it’s best.

And, for an all-purpose cleaner that’s tough on stains of all types, try Auto Valet’s Purple Power. This powerful solution will effectively remove oil, grease, rust stains, carbon and dirt and can be used on engines, door jambs, tires, carpets, upholstery, concrete floors and more! It comes in concentrate form, making it an economical choice for an all-over cleaner.

Safety First

Interestingly enough, keeping a clean fleet will help ensure a safe fleet. Dirty and sloppy vehicles can hide safety hazards like broken headlights, cracked windows or frayed wire. Vehicles with damaged parts are unsafe for your team but also other drivers on the road.

Moreover, if the taillights are covered in mud, another driver may not see a light indicating a turn or lane change. Not only is the dangerous for your drivers but can hurt your company’s reputation and cost you financially.

Save Money!

Who doesn’t want to save money? Companies recognize that dollars saved are dollars added to the bottom line, and we all want that! Maintaining and detailing your fleet can seem like an expense, but consider how this philosophy can save you when it comes to the frequency of replacing those vehicles. A little effort can go a long way as far as keeping your fleet in great condition and extend the life of each vehicle. And, as an added bonus, your sparkling moving billboards may even drive more business your way!

If you’re curious about how we can help you maintain a clean, pristine fleet of vehicles, contact our Checkers team. We are your clean resource and can’t wait to assist you.