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Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung and it’s time to wash away the memories of snow, slush and grit from winter. Spring-cleaning needs to happen, not only at home, but also at your business or organization. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our definitive list for your spring-cleaning needs.



Waste Management

First and foremost, you’ll need to have enough garbage bins to deal with what you’ll be cleaning and they need to be in good condition. Over time, lids can get lost, wheels fall off and cracks can appear. Take some time to inspect your inventory and update the ones that need to be replaced. Checkers carries an assortment of waste bins to cover all of your needs. Ensure your supply cupboard has enough garbage bags for your spring clean project. We offer a wide variety of options.

Ash Management

Combatting unsightly cigarette buts and their corresponding ash can be a challenge. Cigarette litter mixed with rainwater can create overflow and unpleasant odours. However, if you provide proper disposal areas you will have a better chance of smokers appropriately discarding their butts.

Our Cease-Fire Outdoor Ash Container is made of flame-retardant polyethylene and won’t rust, dent or crack. The unique design is self-extinguishing which reduces the risk for fire – keeping your building safer. It has tie-down notches, which keeps things in place during severe weather and prevents tar condensation and bad odours from escaping the galvanized steel pail insert.

Pick It Up

Many companies organize a clean-up day to help reduce the litter around the property and encourage teamwork. You may consider an event like this for your company.

To help your maintenance team when it comes to picking up trash and garden debris, these heavy-duty litter scoops are a handy tool. We also offer the replacement bags.

Spruce It Up

After all the trash has been collected, take some time to spruce up your grounds. You may have someone on staff that takes care of gardening and landscaping or it might be another team building exercise to have staff plant some flowers, pull some weeds and make the place look amazing. Many people get a great sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from sinking their hands in the earth and seeing an immediate improvement to the area they worked on!

Pot Hole Clean Up

The frost of winter can really do a number on your parking lot and sidewalks. Spring is the perfect time to inspect your property for potholes and cracks and then work on filling them. The time and expense is well worth the effort to avoid the injury of one of your team or clients. It also makes your property look cared-for and appealing.

A Bright Idea

An annual cleaning and maintenance blitz is a great time to replace light bulbs and batteries. Think of out-of-the-way areas that don’t get frequented. These are prime contenders for a bulb replacement so it will be there when needed. We offer a range of lighting and batteries.


Unfortunately, graffiti artists can target areas of your business. This unsightly vandalism can portray the wrong message to your clients and the neighbouring community so we recommend taking care of it as soon as it is noticed and not waiting for the spring-cleaning campaign. Graffiti can come in many forms, so we offer a line of products that can help in a variety of situations. From markers to spray paint, we can help you remove any unwanted markings from a variety of surfaces.

A Fresh Coat

If you have chipped or faded paint, you may consider a fresh coat. Spring is a great time for exterior painting because the weather is warm but not yet hot which allows the paint to go on easily but not dry too quickly.

Seeing Clearly

Often the term spring-cleaning conjures up images of standing on a ladder, cleaning windows. This has a lot of merit! Through the fall and winter, there is a grime that builds up on the exterior of buildings, including windows. Bits of fall leaves, remnants of winter storms and spring rain can cake a lot of residue to the window leaving it dirty and unclear.

If you have on-staff cleaners that complete your window treatments, you’ll want to ensure they have all the proper tools they need. From washers to squeegees and all of the associated cleaning products, Checkers can keep your windows clear and give your team a great view of the beautiful summer days ahead!

Spiders and Ants and Wasps, Oh My!

Insects come out of hibernation and can become a real problem in the spring. It’s best to address the problem as soon as possible as they will soon create nests and move in on your turf.

Your first step is to check nooks and crannies for nests. If you find any, carefully knock them down to dissuade the insects from sticking around. Be proactive in keeping insects away from your staff and clients by using appropriate garbage containers and putting them in strategic places. Frequent garbage removal will help keep them at bay.

Checkers offers several options to effectively kill a variety of pests including wasps, bees, yellow jackets, hornets, ants, cockroaches, crickets, beetles, flies, fleas and millipedes.

Hopefully this checklist will help you get started on your spring-cleaning. If you have other needs that aren’t listed or need assistance with choosing the right option for your business, contact our Checkers team. We have exceptional service and exceptional supplies.