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Are All Hand Cleaners Created Equal?

As part of our hand hygiene series, today we are focused on hand cleansers. We will help to break down the different types and applications.

We all know the importance of clean hands for stopping the spread of germs, protecting others and ourselves from illness and keeping our food safe. Our previous blog post Hand Washing 101 will help recap this topic, if you’re interested. In the mean time, we are going to review what to use and when to use it.


Many people deal with sensitive skin and allergies, so public facilities and day cares/schools are a great place to have dye and fragrance free products. It’s important to note the difference between fragrance-free and unscented. They may seem interchangeable but for someone with an allergy there is a big difference.

A fragrance-free product can have a smell if, for example, it is made with an oil that has a scent but the purpose of the oil is to act as a moisturizer – not as a scent. Similarly, an unscented product can contain compounds that have a smell but a chemical is added to mask the smell. As you can see, this is tricky word play but can have huge repercussions to those with allergies and sensitivities.

This gentle foam hand wash is free of perfume and dye and reduces the risk of an allergic reaction and skin irritation. It also contains skin conditioners to improve hydration and prevent dry skin.


When dealing with food prep, medical facilities or higher risk areas, an antibacterial soap is the best option. These antiseptic options not only protect the user but also the patient or the consumer.

Antibacterial products reduce the number of germs and bacteria using a combination of chemicals and natural oils. This slows the multiplication of bacteria. This anti-bacterial foam soap is a good option when frequent washing is necessary. It will cleanse the skin and kill bacteria.


Moisturizing soap is great for offices or small washrooms and give the feeling of luxury. Adding a skin conditioner is an added touch that leaves hands feeling soft, hydrated and feeling great.

This Debonaire foam soap with rose fragrance contains skin conditioners to improve hydration and prevent drying. It has a rich foam formula with added moisturizers.

It’s worth noting for any hand cleaner, cartridge dispensers are more hygienic than bulk-fill dispensers. Germs tend to accumulate in the open dispensers whereas cartridges have a new dispensing tip so that germs don’t build up. As an added bonus, it reduces dripping!

Don’t forget to encourage proper and frequent hand washing at your facility. It’s such an important aspect of keeping your staff, customers and building clean and healthy! We are offering a Hand Washing Mini Poster as a download below. Display in your washrooms to remind people of the importance of hand washing.

If you have questions about the best hand cleanser for your needs, contact Checkers. Our team is ready to help. We are your clean resource.

To download, click on the Hand Washing Mini Poster:

Hand washing poster