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Extend the Life of Your Floors

As fall turns to winter, the harsh outdoor elements get tracked inside and can really do some damage. You can extend the life of your floors with our three mat soil management program.

Using a triple mat system can be your front-line defense against dirt and moisture that will attack your property investment. We can help you stop up to 95% of all dirt, water and grime from being tracked into your building. You will save on cleaning costs and protect your interior floor surfaces from extensive damage and wear.

Step 1 – Your First Line of Defense

Your first line of defense is the Superscape Outdoor Scraper Mat. This low profile mat is designed for outdoor use at building entrances to effectively scrape mud and large soil particles from footwear before it is tracked into the building.

Placing a mat like this outside your entrance will help keep the outdoor rubble where it belongs by getting the bulk of it off before crossing the threshold.

Superscape mats are made from durable 100% nitrile rubber with molded face treads that provide an excellent anti-slip surface; keeping your staff and customers safe.

Step 2 – Trap Water and Dirt!

During the wet and slushy seasons, it’s tricky to keep the floors free of melting snow and slippery puddles. The Waterhog™ Classic Indoor/Outdoor Scraper/Wiper Mat provides a unique water dam that holds and retains up to 1.5 gallons of water.

Dirt and moisture will stay right where you want it – not tracked all through your building. Rubber nubs stop the pile from crushing and greatly extend the performance life of this mat. The rubber backing will grip and stay put on most carpets and floors.

Step 3 – Your Third Weapon

Any remaining dirt or moisture can be wiped off footwear on the Tri-Grip™ Indoor Wiper Mat. This carpet-faced wiper mat is made from static dissipative nylon yarn to offer outstanding absorption and durability. You should use this mat on all interior traffic lanes to prevent soil or wear patterns from developing.

Don’t let slip and falls get you down. Our entrance mats are made with SBR or 100% Nitrile rubber backing that will not crack or curl. Beveled edges and low-profile features help prevent tripping hazards.

Don’t take a beating from Mother Nature this winter. Prepare your building with the protective mat trifecta! To find out more about arming yourself against winter weather or protecting your facility, reach out to our Checkers Team. We are your clean resource.